Calendar Management Services

As a business grows, most of the businessmen find it difficult to manage their increasing client base plus staying on top of the managerial tasks vital to keep their trade on track. Time management is certainly the most vital skill needed for the success of a business, and it is even one of the most complex aspects of running a business.

Why it’s important?

There is nothing much important than time when we talk of business. If you fail to provide your services or solutions at the right time, you will always be pushed back which will never allow your business to expand. If you aim at leading the race, you will have to be an advance planner and manage your time in an effective manner. Each day has its contribution in boosting your business, using a calendar management service, you will be able to plan the day much in advance towards productivity.

Accelere’s Calendar Management

Accelere’s online Calendar Management helps the business people in keeping track of their appointments and managing the demands. You and your competent virtual receptionist will have right to use your online calendar to plan, alter and call off appointments and meetings. Also, the management of the online calendar is done in real time so chances of double bookings are very rare.

How our services work?

We set up your calendar account using your email and a password of your preference. Further instructions related with using of the system are sent to you through email.

Your remote receptionist will administer the appointments as per your instructions. This way you get more time to focus on the more significant tasks linked with budding your business.

You can even specify which periods are accessible for new bookings and the time gap between each appointment.

You get access to your user-friendly online calendar through which you can examine and modify your appointments.

Email reminders are sent to you along with a follow up email or SMS reminder.


Advantages of Accelere’s Calendar Management:

Comprehensible software

Favors multiple users

24/7 accessibility from anywhere

Color implied meeting “blocking” system

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