Insurance and HealthCare


The Insurance business at present is experiencing considerable financial and competitive demands, with consolidation and relegates rising and abiding competition from other of the economic service segments. Also, the authoritarian climate too stands demanding and doubtful. Authoritarian lapse changes and new observance targets emerge on the prospect. Despite this unstable business environment, insurers must carry on to discover ways to develop upshot operational competence and drive top-line expansion, meeting the requirements and potentials of consumers and distributors whilst retorting to the growing demands for business intelligibility.

How Accelere helps?

Accelere has facilitated the insurance and companies to confront challenges and develop the business performance. Over the years, we have made use of our domain proficiency and technical potentials to assist the insurance companies put into practice effective solutions intended to bring business outcomes. Our strategic approach offers a business result based model thereby adding conviction to the clients’ trade; allowing them to obtain utmost value at escalating business competence levels.

insurance and health care

Our potential

Life Insurance Resolutions:

New industry: data entry, follow-ups, case handling, senior underwriting, initial underwriting, novel business enquiries and billing

Policy upholding and servicing

Customer service

Agency licensing & on-boarding

Data management servicing

Regulatory reporting

Agency management

Health Insurance, Payers and Providers segment:


Policy safeguarding

Claims management

Customer service

Joint service

Mail room solution

General Insurance:

Quoting procedures

Policy management process

Customer service

Claims processing

Health Care Services

We also deal with the Healthcare market; consenting to commercial and competent running of transactions between health service suppliers and the patients. With the suitable involvement of our development team, we are in a management position in regards to the customization of the output that is sent to the customers.

Our Services

Healthcare Supplier Solutions

Research Solutions

Insurance claims

Environment, Fitness and Safety

Long-term medicinal care

Maintenance of optimal discretion

Operational development

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