Transaction Processing

Transaction processing can be best defined as a computer-based collection of reasonable operations. For the working of it, all the operations thus performed must thrive or fail as a collection. An easy example of the process can be quoted as paying of a utility bill from any of your bank account. These processing techniques are intensely embedded in the fields of databases and in service systems and are used to supervise, manage and renew information in the contemporary computer systems.

The service at Accelere

Accelere’s Transaction Processing services very well understands the fact that a business’ chance of sustaining in this highly competitive market largely depends upon the king of services it provides to its customers.

Partnering with Accelere will let you increase the customer satisfaction. When our team of experts takes care of your business outsourcing needs, it apparently saves the time of your company, the money and valuable resources.

Transaction Processing Requirements

We offer services to companies across the globe, which have now recognized that outsourcing the non-functional areas of business lets them to pay more attention on their customers. Outsourcing the transaction processing can assist in streamlining the business processes, thereby giving you enough time to work on the company’s major competencies and the contentment of your clients.


Our Solution

We make use of the latest transaction processing software to fulfill the needs of an extensive variety of clients. We propose:

Capture of electronic information, its substantiation, determining the eligibility and coverage

Information confinement, authentication of information on various loan or mortgage application forms

Processing of the application forms like for the credit or debit cards. This also counts for merchant processing, like corroboration, consent, and affirmation of information.

Advantages of outsourcing Transaction Processing

Increases your focus on the prime competencies and lets you develop improved products and services for the customers.

Assistance from qualified personnel and use of refined technology.

Better project management

Quality assurance

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