General Accounting


General accounting is one among the numerous categories in which accounting has been divided. This type of accounting explains the standards linked with the compilation, the type of action done and the staging and certification of all monetary statements. These types even essentially function under their precise ethics, laws and policy. General accounting differs from the other types as it recounts to the business body as a whole in opposition to a definite group under the superior entity.

General Accounting services by Accelere

Accelere general accounting outsourcing and alteration services are introductory to our Finance and Accounting aptitudes. We have a team of proficient general accounting professionals who offer a complete set of general accounting solutions to several of our clients, which are all built to make the most of process efficiency and business force.

Our solutions include shortening and transforming the back-to-back Record to Report (R2R) procedure, group consolidation actions, and general accounting services. Being the market leader in offering the finance and accounting services, our worldwide reach and long practice help you develop with assurance through attainment support that speedily puts together financial systems and data relocation. Our devoted subject matter experts (SMEs) and case study debates bring out our most excellent practices to your finance and accounting business processes for more efficient general accounting operations from the beginning.


Our GA Services Include:


Expenditure accumulation

Set Assets Accounting

Inventory and Supply Series Accounting

Finishing and Group Consolidation

Account Reconciliations

Intercompany bookkeeping


Accruals and Funds

Quarterly Entries


Our approach to the general accounting services unites a deep knowledge of financial accounting and the R to R process with a wide understanding of organizing developed business services. Owing to our familiarity, we are capable to drive renovation to the Finance operations, as well as those preserved domestic and in communal Service environments.

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