Accounts Payable Services

Ancient systems, flawed in-house and upstream methods, and manually rigorous measures are all considerable challenges in making the Accounts Payable function to a beneficial efficient condition built on mechanized repeatable dealings, diminishing faults, and assisting payments. AP alteration is decisive to optimizing operational funds, supporting cash cutback initiatives, and managing enduring retailer relationships.

How you get benefitted with the service?

Companies are presently looking for ways to combat the challenge of reducing costs, extracting the most of their expenditures and meeting with the regulatory needs. And this dire need of theirs gets fulfilled with the use of accounts payable services. It transforms the A/P section into a Profit Center. It even lowers the cost of processing and helps increase the productivity. Making use of this service, you get quicker approvals, period closes and a detailed accrual report.


Our Services

Over the past years, we have been using strategic processes to coerce greater precision, tighter observance, quicker cycle times, and lesser dispensation costs via our AP solutions that principally focus on:

Consolidation and homogeny across geographies, improving competence and characteristically reducing the costs by 5% to 10%

Invoice Automation to computerize data detain and processing, on an average increasing the output by 15% to 50%

Controllership to fortify and improve controls, thereby reducing and eliminating risks and income leakage

Discount Capture via competent processes, plummeting cycle time and optimizing detain Working Capital Optimization to perk up the client’s capability to pay on time, allowing improved price concession and enhanced flow of cash.

AP Services at Accelere: The Difference We Bring

At Accelere, our AP solutions merge and regulate the process by hiring smarter expertise and re engineering solution, combined with making use of the process severity loom to facilitate intellectual enterprises to make the most of profits and flourish in hastily changing economies. Our AP solutions provide you with the given services:

Document administration


Invoice dealing

Approval/declaration supervision



Month-end and internal/external exposure

Benefits we add:

Optimizing the working capital

Discount detainment

Invoice mechanization

Consolidation and regularity


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