Cross Sell and Up Sell Services

Understanding the terms

People often tend to get confused with the terms, cross selling and up selling. Though they stand to be quite different from each other, both the terms play a vital role in a business.

Cross-sell is more of a marketing term used for the practice of telling connected products or services to a buyer who is thinking of making a purchase. For an instance, when buying a book online, a customer is often recommended a list offering books of similar genre. Also, one even gets to know what types of books are being liked by other readers. This works for other things alike, whenever you buy something from a site, you are suggested the related services or products.

Up-selling on the other end calls for recommending more costly items that may or may not have any connection with the product he or she has looked for on the site.


Why You Need Customer Services Outsourcing?

Outsourcing of customer services has gained massive significance in the recent times. Performance stresses owing to financial indecision are leading companies to focus on their prime competencies. Companies have also realized the need of improving the consumer experience in order to stay pertinent, build durable relationships with customers boost customer allegiance and expand brand advocates. The process also helps improving customer contentment levels at condensed costs, as companies are no more required to develop and maintain the internal capabilities, and can in its place make use of the services of outsourcing the specialists.

Why is the service important?

Both of the services play a great role in boosting the sales and attracting more and more customers. However, if not done in the right manner it can even detain your clients and leave a negative impact on them.

The service from Accelere

We reflect your sales procedure and become an expansion of your sales team. The buying options that we offer to your clients leave an impact on them and they find it convincing too.

Our team very well understands that sale is not just a onetime transaction; it is a lot more than that. It is a way that helps in bringing your customers back. Accelere concentrates in communicating your product personality and offering a buying experience that constrains repeat business.

We’re bendable in our ways to selling your products. Our objective is to become accustomed to your business structure and product mold to attain the highest probable performance, managing each cross-sell and up sell prospect in a way that works best for your brand.

Accelere has developed a powerful process that discovers, employs and matches the talent to go with your brand traits. We offer a wide range of choices, right from OrderNet, order processing system, to the in-house system. We can also put together the platforms into your order processing structure.

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