Open source customization

Open Source customization is one of the most feasible and most important knobs for cost optimization. Given the trends and economics around open source services, one can clearly evaluate that this technology is making important evolution as an IT Platform for the mission-critical business applications as well. Few of the reasons behind open source customization getting so popular happen to be:

Substantial decline in total-cost-of-ownership of proprietary solutions

Considerably lower support cost as compared to proprietary software

Improved suppleness through shorter growth time and quicker time-to-market

Vendor liberty and suppleness

Open standards and development method

Better innovation opportunities.


Along with the numerous benefits a business gains out of open source web design, it has certain limitations to tackle which include:

Need for distinct policies and a vigorous supremacy model at an organizational level

Incorporation and interoperability with profitable open source products

Need for no conciliation

Security falling in line

Product feasibility and rations

Accelere at help

At Accelere, our expert team has developed a sound understanding of the open source services technology and of the archetypal problems faced by enterprises upon adapting to open source customization. We have successfully recognized the key areas where enterprises can gain profit from the implementation of open source services. We offer expertise in the areas of Service Oriented Architecture, Mobile Computing, Distributed Computing, Portal, Application/Web Servers, Content Management & Collaboration (PCC), Workflows and Business Process Management.

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