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Understanding SEO
Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the effective tool for increasing the number of visitors on a website, which further helps in placing the site on a higher ranking scale on various search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and others. It even calls for quality improvement of the website that will let the site generate more of the traffic. In simpler words, a powerful SEO strategy defines the success rate of your online business.

Why you need SEO?
Helping the search engines to understand your website in a better way, it is essential to have an optimized web page which will be easily understood by both the target user and the search engine. An effective SEO approach lets you lead the competition in the online marketing world and even monitors the short as well as long term profit ranking of the site. Every internet marketing company is reaching out to SEO to get profitable results and maximum visibility on the search engines.

How Accelere brings a difference in SEO world?
Every other website around is focusing over keyword research which is the prime technique that SEO follows. However, at Accelere we not only target effective keyword research but also deliver quality content. The content is further promoted via various social media networks and industry blogs. Thus we believe in the fruitful integration of SEO, Social Media and Quality Content. Here we not just aim at bringing more traffic to your site but even provide you with the prospective leads. Eventually it is the rate of conversions which decides your success on the web ranking. Our SEO strategy aims at increasing your website ranking along with conversion of prospects.


The cheap and reasonably priced SEO services offer you a range of website optimization services which will help you tackle the above. Choosing Accelere, one of the prominent SEO services providers, you get the following benefits:

Our Custom made 2 phase SEO Service Way


In the first phase, we prepare SEO proposition and reversal to optimize your website in order to get maximum traffic on your site. The below inventory contains typical elements that we will optimize for your on-site SEO.

To ensure that your site gets the maximum traffic and gains higher visibility, our SEO strategy focuses on optimizing each web page of the site. The first phase of our SEO way works in the following way:

Comprehensive Analysis: Before moving on with building the SEO strategy for your website, we take into consideration the past track record of the site. We conduct a comprehensive analysis of your website to understand what the loopholes are and what measures can be taken to overcome those.

While doing so, we take into account your past ranking, present status, back links and lay out further plan accordingly.

Keyword Research:Use of right keywords helps your site secure higher ranks on the search engines. While most of the SEO service providers offer effective keyword research, Accelere adheres by the updated needs of the search engines and along with efficient keyword research, quality of content is also highlighted.

Studying your competitors: Leading the race calls for a constant monitoring of your competitors in the market. Our team does a detailed analysis of your competitors checking on the techniques and policies used by them. This helps us in knowing what all improvements can be implemented on your website so as to make you lead the competition. Such an approach always keeps you ahead in the business circle and cuts the risk of failure.

SEO phase 2

Integration of social media and content: Social media as a promotional tool is being used on a large scale. Facebook, Google+, Twitter and other networks help you build more of potential users and helps your website reach out to a larger crowd. We help you build a brand name using all these social platforms by integrating your web content with them. Sharing blogs, content links, we help you connect with the user in a more fruitful manner.

Constant monitoring: Once we connect you to the social media, our next task call for constant monitoring of your website’s performance and the keyword rankings. By analyzing the keyword search we get the idea of the most popular keywords and even the lesser used ones. Also this monitoring gives an idea what your position in the search engine market happens to be.

Customized monthly reports: Based on the constant monitoring and analysis we do, there is a monthly report prepared from our end. This includes your current ranking, traffic return, conversion ratio, and keyword rankings.

Our specialties:

Comprehensive search management.

Result oriented & considerable campaigns

Customized reports

Effective search engine marketing

Affordable SEO services

Backlink analysis and link building

Lead generation

Competitive analysis

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