Info-Graphics Service

Infographic design is a visual way of representing any industry specific intricate information via graphs, images, charts and other forms. It can be effectively used by businesses as an influential content marketing strategy.

How it helps?

It has indeed become the necessity on internet as graphical illustration of products and services grabs the attention of visitors more as compared to any other way. And when we talk of surviving the hardcore competition, this technique indeed helps a lot.

Images and graphs express intricate ideas with great ease and create an immediate emotional bond with viewers. It is a way through which you can reach out to masses and thereby increase the traffic on the site. It can be implemented on:






Social Media Sites


Infographic design at Accelere

Accelere has indeed been one of the best infographics designer in the country and our team always looks out for innovative ways to boost the development of a business. Owing to the experience we have in the field of content marketing and ergonomic designs, we have a good hold on infographics design.

We find out the precise audience, subject angle and core resources as a support for the project. We then make use of these basic fundamentals and our cognitive skills to generate a wire-frame that acts as guide for the infographic. After analyzing the present market trends, we design Infographic with prolific ideas, imaginative design and stimulating statistics. We do it via:

Settling on what you want to express

Developing a fundamental idea

Doing comprehensive research based on trends

Studying your targeted viewers and developing a wire-frame

Using a flourishing blend of words and graphics

Visualizing the data and content

Making sure that the topic is objective oriented

Checking the data flow

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