At Accelere, we provide avant-grade facilities and cutting-edge technologies that support a world-class business environment. We acknowledge the need for smooth functioning of global businesses on day-to-day basis. Data protection, swift communication, state of art networking and technological systems are our top most priority. To bring up an excellent infrastructure we have smartly invested in the following facilities and amenities.

Infra- Support :

150+ workstations for development, testing and support facilities.

High-end servers, modern devices and superior softwares.

Internet Connectivity: Dedicated leased lines for all our Research & Development facilities supported by a backup broadband, wireless and IPLC link.

Facility for video conferencing/24 x 7 VOIP calling for onsite-offsite-client team coordination.

High power UPS, alternative power supply and generators offer uninterrupted services.

Advance back servers, supreme data encryption for data protection services and structured electrics give constant support.

24/7 customer service.

Spacious campus, hi-tech training rooms, ergonomic workstation, ample storage space, superior recreational amenities, fire safety devices and security systems like CCTV for employee safety make an ideal office environment.